Do You Like to _____? ESL Speaking Activity


ESL Speaking Activity for kids and adults

Skills: Speaking/listening

Time: 15 minutes

Level: Intermediate]

Materials Required: Strips of paper (or students can make their own)

Give each student five strips of paper. On each piece of paper they write something interesting about themselves. Then, collect them, mix them up and distribute them back to your students (three per student). At this point, everyone stands up and goes around the class asking questions to try to find the owner for each paper that they have. If someone is done early, you can give them another paper from the reserve pile that you have.

For example,

“Do you go to _____ middle school?”

“Do you have a twin brother?”

“Do you love to play soccer?

Teaching Tip:

Students need to write down interesting and unique things about themselves. For example, “I go to XYZ university” is something that every other student in the class will say yes to so it is not a good thing to use.

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1. Give students five strips of paper (or they provide their own).

2. Students write down one interesting thing about themselves/paper.

3. Collect papers and redistribute (three per student).

4. Students stand up and go around the class, asking their classmates, “Do you have a twin brother?” “Can you play the piano really well?” based on what is on their papers.

5. If it’s a match, they get one point and that paper is “finished.” Optionally, you can require higher level students to ask 1-3 follow-up questions before they get a point.

6. If a student finds all their matches, they can get one or two more papers from you from the reserve pile.

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