Top 5 ESL Conversation Activities for Adults

ESL conversation activities

If you want to make your English conversation class as interesting, engaging and fun as possible for the students, you’ll need these top 5 ESL conversation activities for adults. They’re guaranteed to get your students speaking English in the most painless way possible!

The Small Talk GameSmall talk in an important, but often overlooked skill. Get students practicing it while having fun with this game.

The Cocktail Party-This is another small talk conversation activity for adults that gets student mingling and mixing, just like you would at a cocktail party. Give them confidence that they can venture out into the real world and use English!

The Hobby Unit-A Fun ESL Conversation Activity– I’m so, so weary of the hobby unit because I’ve taught it so many times. Here’s an interesting activity I do that gets my students engaged, asking follow-up questions and talking together. Student centered language teaching at its best!

Conversation Lesson Plans- I often plan my own conversation class lesson plans based around a topic that is in the news. Here are 6 sample conversation lesson plans to check out and see how I do it. They are mostly for students based in Korea, so you’ll have to adapt them for your own students.

Find Someone Who Bingo– This ESL warm-up game is an excellent way to get students moving around the class and getting to know each other. You can use it as the beginning of the semester or later on for an energizer if the students are low energy.

Like these ESL conversation activities for adults?

You’ll need this book: 39 No-Prep/Low-Prep ESL Speaking Activities: For Teenagers and Adults

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