Would You Rather? An ESL Warm-Up Activity

Would You Rather? An ESL warm-up activity

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Would You Rather? is a fun ESL warm-up activity. You can buy ready-made decks, but they aren’t ESL specific. I use self-made cards, but you can just make a list of questions or you can do this without materials, if you can think of choices on the spot quickly.

For example, “Would you rather have eyes like a fly’s, or eyes like a spider’s?” Students must choose one and explain why.

If you class is small, you can do this as a single group, but I prefer to work in small groups of 3-4, giving each group part of the deck of cards. If you want to work in groups, but haven’t prepared questions in advance, state two choices and give each group 1-2 minutes to discuss amongst themselves.


  1. In advance, prepare cards with two choices, the odder, the better. For example, “Would you rather have eyes like a fly’s, or eyes like a spider’s?” If you want to do this without cards, simply give students two choices and 1-2 minutes to discuss.

  2. Divide students into groups of 3-4 and give each group an equal portion of the deck of question cards.

  3. Have students take turns choosing a card to ask their group, or read aloud and give their own answer.

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It’s from this book: 39 ESL Warm-Ups: For Teenagers and Adults. Get your classes started off in style by helping your students ease into using English with these fun, interactive and engaging warm-up activities and games.

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