How to Teach Public Speaking | Teaching Presentation Skills

teaching public speaking

I love to teach presentation skills to my ESL students because it’s a skill that they can hold on to and take with them for the rest of their lives; it can also be applied to their first language for things like job interviews, work environments or even other classes in university. But how to teach public speaking in an effective way? It can be kind of daunting at first because many teachers are not so confident in their own skills. The best advice I can give you is to get this book: Speaking of Speech: Basic Presentation Skills for…

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ESL Conversation Teaching Tips | Teaching English Speaking


Get the book free before it’s published by signing up for my email list. Email Address Some of my favorite tips for teaching ESL conversation and speaking. It can be quite a difficult subject to teach because everything happens in real-time and you often need to react instantly to what’s happening around you. But like any skill, teaching ESL speaking can be improved through practice. ESL Conversation Teaching Tips: Provide a Demonstration of the Language or Activity Engaging Apathetic Students ESL Lesson Planning Template Teach your Students how to Ask Questions Graded Language: Use it!

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5 Tips for Engaging Apathetic Students | Teaching ESL Speaking

Engaging Apathetic Students

A reader question from Katrina about how to get her low level middle school students to participate in class when the last thing they want to do is speak English. This is a tough one and I’d appreciate some feedback from the readers (I’ll leave the comments open). But, here are 5 tips for engaging apathetic students that I hope will be helpful. Choose Activities Carefully The best ones are those where it’s almost easier to speak English than it is their first language. Some examples of good ones are ESL board games and surveys for ESL students. The survey…

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TOEIC Speaking Mini-Tests | TOEIC Speaking Tests

Here are some TOEIC speaking style tests that I’ve used in my own speaking exam preparation classes in order to do a pre and post evaluation of my students. They can also be used as very simple level tests for your speaking or conversation classes, if you’re required to do them by your school. Sample TOEIC Speaking Test #1: Read the following: Are you a global company needing to deal with many foreign currencies? Do you find your bank’s exchange rates too low, and their service fees too high? Then take your business to Rapid Exchange. We’ll satisfy all your…

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6 Conversation Lesson Plans for Adults in Korea

I’ve used these 6 conversation lesson plans for adults in my own university and adult classes with great success. They are for intermediate to advanced ESL students. Minimum Wage in Korea Youth Unemployment in Korea Renewable Energy Lesson Plan –This one is good for students around the world, not just Korea! North-South Korea Reunification South Korea’s Education System Studying Abroad Lesson Plan Even more lesson plan and ESL Speaking Activity awesomeness, delivered straight to your inbox. I promise to respect your privacy. Sign up for Jackie Bolen’s email list.

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Conversation Starters for ESL Teachers | ESL Conversation

conversation topic

If you’re looking for conversation starters for ESL teachers, here are a few resources; save time and make your life easier. Role Plays for ESL Students Conversation Starters for Adults 4 Hot Discussion Topics for Adults in Korea Top 10 Discussion Starters for Children Also check out ESL Discussions that has questions on just about any topic–they are in an easy to find list by topic format. Lesson plans, discussion starters, games, activities and more: I respect your privacy!

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Provide a Demonstration of the Language or Activity


A normal way that people learn a language is by first “seeing” and then “doing.” You can demonstrate the target language to your students in various ways such as using a video clip from a movie, song, podcast, or the MP3 listening files and reading exercises that are in your textbook. Of course, you, the teacher, can also provide an example for your students but it’s good for them to hear different genders, accents, and levels of English speakers so be sure to change it up from time to time. Keep in mind that there are many English speakers in…

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ESL Textbook Reviews | Best English Textbooks

four corners esl

Here are some of my ESL textbook reviews for children and adults, with an emphasis on which ones are best for speaking or conversation classes. ESL Textbooks for Children ESL Textbooks for Adults For even more, including ESL writing books check out: ESL Textbook Reviews over on HubPages.

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Top 10 Discussion Starters for Children

conversation children

If you’re looking for discussion starters for adults: Conversation Starters for Adults But, if you want some conversation starters for children, you’re in the right place. Here are my top 10: Favorite Things Have students fill in the blank with, “What’s your favorite _____?” Collect the papers, choose the best two or three and have then answer the questions. Birthday Party What would your perfect birthday party be? Favorite and Least Favorite Meals Something your parents cook that you love. Something your parents cook that you hate. In your Bedroom How is your bedroom decorated? Why did you choose each…

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ESL Lesson Planning Template | Teaching English Abroad

esl lesson plan template

Here is the most basic of ESL lesson planning templates that you could use consisting of some questions you can ask yourself when you’re preparing for your classes. There are plenty of more formal and complicated ones out there, but I’m all about the simple, for just about every single thing in my life. How will you introduce the target language? A reading? A listening exercise? A story? A worksheet? What will you write on the board? What controlled practice activity will you do? What page in your book? Another resource? How will you provide feedback? What freer practice activity…

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The Conditioned: ESL Conversation for Adults

the conditioned

Thanks to Film English for this solid ESL conversation for adults lesson plan. The Conditioned is a short video (less than 5 minutes) about a man who undergoes a massive transformation and it provides the basis for some really interesting discussion among your students. It’s perfect for intermediate to advanced classes of around an hour or 90 minutes. For even more lesson plan ideas for your speaking or conversation classes, sign-up for my mailing list where you’ll get am email every week with some of my favorite stuff in the ESL world. I promise to respect your privacy:

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No-Prep/Low-Prep ESL Speaking Activities for Teenagers and Adults

esl speaking activities adults

Have you ever thought that you needed 39 No-Prep/Low-Prep ESL Speaking Activities for Teenagers and Adults? You can get it…soon. This book should be available by the end of the month (May 2015) and it will be free to everyone on my mailing list. If you’re reading this in the future, it’ll also be available on Amazon, but it won’t be free, sadly. The moral of this story? Sign-up now! Email Address

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ESL Speaking and Conversation Resources | Teaching ESL Speaking

university Korea

I have another website, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University and I’ve been talking about ESL speaking and conversation for years. Here are some of my favorite posts which you might find helpful. Sample Syllabus for a University Conversation Class Public Speaking for ESL Students ESL Speaking Tests Book Review: Speaking Activities that Don’t Suck Teaching Websites and Resources I use in my own Classes

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5 Lesson Plans for Advanced ESL Conversation Classes


Advanced conversation classes can be a bit tricky to teach because it’s sometimes hard to see any improvement in your students. But, I’ve found that it can be really useful if you use authentic material and challenge your students that way instead of just relying on ESL textbooks, which are often too easy and often quite boring. Here are five lesson plans that I’ve used in my own advanced level English conversation classes: Students in any Country Technology and Sleep Google Investing in Renewable Energy Students in Korea Cigarette Prices to Double Agricultural Subsidies Korea’s Aging Population For even more…

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