6 Conversation Lesson Plans for Adults in Korea

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Conversation Class in Korea

Okay, so you want to know how to teach English to Korean adults. You’ve most certainly come to the right place! I’m going to share six of my lesson plans that I designed while teaching in Korean universities.

While I used them for university students, you could certainly adapt them for higher-level high school students. They are also perfect for adults and I used them for business people in private classes too.

What Level are These Conversation Lesson Plans For?

These lesson plans are for intermediate to advanced students. In general, they’re too difficult for a basic freshman class at a university in Korea.

I mainly used them for English majors, or for students preparing for something like an internship in the USA or Canada.

How Long of a Lesson are They For?

I usually taught classes from 1.5-4 hours, so they will work the best for classes of this length. For shorter classes, you might find it difficult to get through the reading, plus have a substantial conversation about it.

For longer classes, you can add on some sort of task-based learning project at the end to fill the time out. Let your creative juices start flowing to design something fun for your students related to the topics!

Here are the Lesson Plans

I got most of the articles either from the Korea Herald, or Breaking News English. The latter is ideal because they have graded articles, suitable for beginners to adults. And, the Korea Herald actually use quite simple grammar and vocabulary, such that it’s suitable for most English learners at a more advanced level.

They cover a wide range of skills including vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing, but mostly focus on reading and conversation. They’re ideal for getting some interesting classroom discussion going.

Minimum Wage in Korea

Youth Unemployment in Korea

Renewable Energy Lesson Plan This one is good for students around the world, not just Korea!

North-South Korea Reunification

South Korea’s Education System

Studying Abroad Lesson Plan

It can be useful to design some lessons around popular topics, but I always like to keep a few of these timeless ones in my back pocket. Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?

I Teach Lower-Level Students: What Can I Do?

If you teach beginners, these lesson plans will most certainly not work. Please don’t even try to adapt them for this because your classes will probably be a bust. Trust me on this one.

For beginners, it’s best to avoid lengthy reading or listening exercises and use some more appropriate activities instead. Here’s one of my favourite things to do with them: role plays. You can learn more about them in this short video:

Have your Say about these Lesson for Adults in Korea

What do you think about these ESL conversation lessons for adults? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Also, please share your go-to lesson planning site with us. And don’t forget to share this on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.


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