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My favourite English discussion topics for adults.

English Discussion Topics for Adults

English discussion is a key component of an ESL speaking or conversation class. However, it can be a bit boring to rehash the same topics found in the ESL Textbooks over, and over again.

You know the ones: the Hobby Unit, sports, movies, family, etc. The students get bored talking about the same thing again and again and teacher do too!

Mix things up in your ESL speaking classes by introducing some fresh, new English discussion topics for adults. Your students will be happy to talk about something else, and it’ll keep things interesting for you too.

I generally prefer to take some things that are happening in the news, and then create a lesson plan around that. It’s fresh, relevant and can introduce a whole bunch of new vocabulary that you won’t find in the standard ESL/EFL textbooks.

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4 Sites for English Discussion Topics

Check out 4 of my go-to websites for when I plan English speaking or conversation classes.

Breaking News English

If you’re looking to discuss current events in your ESL speaking or conversation class, this is the site for you. I love how you can find current events in graded English. These lessons can be used by just about any level besides total beginners.

I particularly like their 2-page mini lessons. I find their full lesson plans kind of overwhelming and by the end, it’s like beating a dead horse! But, 2 pages are perfect for a lesson of about an hour.

I’ll often use one of their articles as a template for my own lessons as well. They’re pretty up to date on the current events and regularly update their site with fresh material and stories.

Check out Breaking News English.

 ESL Writing and Film English

If you’re looking for some thought-provoking videos and ESL speaking lesson plans to generate some ideas for your own classes, check out either of these sites. I love how not only is there a video, but you can also find a ready-made lesson built around it.

Lesson planning made easy? Love it! I’m sure you will too. If you don’t love all of it, just take a few of the best things and use that as a template to plan your own lesson.

Check out ESL Writing

Go to Film English

ESL Discussions

This site is pretty old-school, but if you’re looking for straight up discussion questions for your EFL students, minus all the fluff on just about any topic, this is the place.

It’s great for when your students request a lesson about a specific topic. Use the stuff here as a template, instead of reinventing the wheel from scratch.

Check out ESL Discussions here. 

Need more Ideas for the ESL Classroom?

Did you find these English discussion topics for adults useful?

If you need some more ideas for your ESL/EFL classes, then you’ll need to check out this book: 101 ESL Activities: For Teenagers and Adults. It’s lesson planning made easy, guaranteed. If you like to save time, then this is the book that belongs on your bookshelf.

You can find 101 ESL Activities for Teenagers and Adults on Amazon. It’s available in both print and digital format. The (cheaper!) digital one can be read on any device-Kindle, tablet, Smartphone, Mac, or PC. You just have to download the free Kindle reading app. Top-quality ESL activities for adults at your fingertips anywhere you go? Love it!

Check out the book for yourself on Amazon today:

English Discussion Topics for Adults: Have your Say!

What are some of your favourite discussion topics in your classes? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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