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ESL Icebreakers: For Teenagers and Adults

ESL Icebreakers: For Teenagers are Adults

All English teachers who work with teenagers or adults need some ESL icebreakers to get their classes started off on the right foot when students don’t know each other, or you. Icebreaker activities are the perfect tool for the job. However, it’s not easy to find the best ones.

If you’re tired of wading through the junk on the Internet to find the one activity that you can actually use in your class, then help is here. During her decade of experience as a CELTA/DELTA certified teacher, Jackie Bolen has developed countless games and activities for her students. Jennifer Booker Smith taught kids for years before moving into teacher training. She then moved back into the classroom again. Jennifer has a passion for developing games and activities that students really enjoy.

They’re sharing their ideas for icebreakers with ESL teachers throughout the world. In 39 ESL Icebreakers, you’ll get over three-dozen ideas to use in your own classroom. The highly-detailed descriptions will show you exactly how to use the activities during your lessons. It’s lesson planning made easy. This is book that belongs on every English teacher’s personal bookshelf.

If you’re extremely busy or you’re simply out of new ideas, Jackie and Jennifer’s book makes it easy to try out new and exciting activities your students will love! Buy the book to make sure you get your semester started off on the right foot with students getting to know each other as well as you. You’ll find that the rest of your course goes more smoothly. Students love to be in a class where they know the other students well. Help them down that path with these top-quality ESL icebreakers.

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You can get 39 ESL Icebreakers: For Teenagers and Adults on Amazon. Are you ready to take your first couple of classes of the semester to the next level? Then, you’ll need this: 39 ESL Icebreakers: For Teenagers and Adults.

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The book is available in both digital and print formats. The cheaper electronic version can be read on any device-Kindle, Smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC. You just have to download the free Kindle reading app first. It’s super easy to have top-quality ESL ice breakers at your fingertips anywhere you go.

Check out the book for yourself on Amazon. Are you ready for some ESL lesson planning awesome?


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