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ESL Speaking Warm Up Activity

Are you looking for a quick and easy ESL warm-up activity to try out in your classes? Then you’ll need to consider trying out this one about famous people that you’d invite to a party.

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An ESL Warm-Up: Famous People at a Party

Skills: Speaking/listening
Time: 5-15 minutes
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Materials Required: Nothing

This is an excellent ESL speaking warm up activity for higher levels. Put the students in small groups of 3-4 people. Have them pick four famous people, dead or alive that they’d like to invite to a party they are having. Then, they have to say the reason why they’re inviting them. I do an example like this:

Person: Michael Jackson
Reason? He can play some dance music and entertain us. Also, I want to know why he got so much plastic surgery.

Person: Donald Trump

Reason? I seem him saying outrageous things on media all the time. Is he like that in real life too?

Give your students a few minutes, depending on the level. Then, I get the student to pick 1-2 of the people from their group, depending on the size of the class and tell the rest of the class their answer. I’ve gotten an interesting array of answers and the students are always quite interested to hear what the other groups have to say.

Teaching Tips for this ESL Icebreaker

I recommend students pick 3-4 people but then only sharing 1-2 because many groups will have the same answers. This way, you don’t get lots of repeat answers which gets boring. Another way to counteract the tendency for students to pick the same people is to use those most common ones as your own examples.

For example, when I taught in Korea, I would choose the 3-4 most famous Koreans as my example. This prevented any groups from choosing them as well.

If you want to make this activity even more student-centered, you can put one student from each original group into a new group to share their answers instead of sharing the answers with the whole class.

Procedure for this ESL Activity
  1. Put students in groups of 3-4.
  2. Each group picks four famous dead people that they’d like to have at their party.
  3. They must also think about why they’d like to invite him or her.
  4. Have the groups share their answers with the class.

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