ESL Survey Activity | ESL Speaking Activity

ESL Survey Activity-The perfect way to get your students out of their seats and speaking in English.

Skills: Speaking/Listening/Writing/Reading
Time Required: 15-30 Minutes
Level: Beginner-Advanced
Materials: a Survey Handout

Give the students a sheet of paper with some questions and they need to find one of their classmates who fits each slot. For example: “Do you travel sometimes?” or, “Are you a university student?” Then, if their partner answers yes, they write down their name and ask them one more question to elicit an extra piece of information. You can review the 5 “W” + “H” questions if necessary before the activity. The students can only talk to each classmate one time and emphasize as well that it is a 1-1 activity and not to work in teams..

Prep the activity well, before you turn students loose, saying what you’re looking for: only speaking English, talking to everybody, writing the answers in English. Get the students to ask you a couple of questions first, by way of example.

Here is one ESL speaking survey that I use on the first day of class to help get you started with making your own. Introduction Survey.

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