Top 5 ESL Games for Teens | Fun TEFL Activities for Middle School and High School Students
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Who doesn't need more fun and engaging ESL activities and games for teenagers? Of course you'll need some fun ideas for teaching English to middle and high school students. 

I give you the rundown on my top 5 TEFL games for teens to try out with your own students. Have some more fun in English class with middle school and high school students. 

Boring ESL activities=bored students. Avoid this by mixing it up with these fun, interesting games and activities to do with your teens. Watch along for my top picks for ESL games for teens that can help to create a positive language learning environment. You can also find ESL lesson plans and worksheets for teenagers so have a look!

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Hey everybody, it's Jackie Bolen here from So today I'm going to talk about my top five ESL activities for teens. 

Coming in at number one is running dictation ( So this is a classic ESL activity that works well for just about any grammar point, vocabulary set, or level. It's active, fun and that's why it's number one on my list. The way it works is that you can find or write a conversation that hits your grammatical point or vocabulary set and then cut it into sentences and paste it around the classroom at various points on the walls. Put students into pairs and one person is the reader and they run around the classroom reading it and then they have to remember the sentence and come back to their partner sitting down. They dictate it to the person who writes down the sentence. When they have finished completing all the sentences around the classroom. Then, the two people can come together and then they can put the conversation together in into the correct order. So the first person with a cohesive conversation with fewer than a certain number of errors is the winner.

 The second one is board games ( So I love to play board games in real life. So that's why I like to use them in my ESL classes as well. The good news is that it's super easy to make your own board game for any kind of grammar point. Some of the best ones are the present perfect, the simple past, and giving advice using should or shouldn't. 

Number three, surveys. Surveys are one of those activities that can really energize a class because they get the students up out of their seats and moving around the class talking to a variety of different students and yeah they're also great because they cover all four skills. And they can be used for just about any grammar or vocabulary. It's also similar to board games, it's super easy to make your own in just a few minutes.

The next one is vocabulary auction ( This is an activity that takes does take a little bit of preparation time but it's totally worth it to do at least once or twice in the semester because students love it. Anyway a vocabulary auction. Make up some sentences that have the target grammar or vocabulary in them and then cut them out word by word. Put students into groups and give them a certain amount of money and then they have to bid on words that they think will help them make grammatically correct sentences. At the end of the auction time, there is a trading time so students can trade with other teams to get some words that they think might help them and then finally, the team with the most correct sentences is the winner at the end. 

The next one is charades or pictionary. Charades is acting and then pictionary is drawing but this is a great way to review new vocabulary. I'm sure you played these games before. You have to act out or you have to draw a secret word or phrase and then your team has to guess what those are. 

That's it that's my top five ESL activities for teenagers.

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1:13 Board games
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