Top 10 Tips for New English Teachers | How to teach ESL/EFL for Beginner Teachers
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Nervous about your first time teaching ESL or EFL? No sweat, here are my top 10 tips for new English teachers. You'll find out about all the tricks and ideas for teaching ESL as a newbie.

I know that it can be intimidating to step foot into an English classroom for the first time but not to worry, you'll do well if you follow these top 10 tips for new ESL teachers. 
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I'm going to talk about my top 10 tips for new ESL or EFL teachers. So if you're new to teaching English, this is the video for you. 

My first tip is names. It's very very difficult to conduct a class if you don't know the student's names. You won't be able to really ask specific students questions. If someone is misbehaving, it's difficult to address unless you actually know their name. Have students write up a little name tag and put it on their desks. I kind of do the name tag on the desk thing. I just find it easier than a seating chart. 

The second one is to use lots of review ( So I personally would rather my students know a few things very very well than a million things not really at all by the time they leave my class. If you have a textbook, you may feel like you're kind of forced to just power through the textbook over the course of the semester. Focus on a few things in that textbook and don't feel like you need to cover every single activity.

The next tip is to set some goals. Find out why students are studying English and then tailor your classes towards that. If students feel like they're achieving what they want out of that class, it's going to go much more smoothly instead of you trying to impose what you think they should be learning. 

The next thing is to create a lesson plan. I know it's tempting to just kind of walk into class with a textbook and just kind of open it up and say, what are we doing? Or, just kind of chit-chat with students. Come to class with at least a basic lesson plan.

The next tip is that teaching is all about a relationship. So do whatever you can to kind of foster a good relationship with your students. I won't say bribe them but I mean if it's their birthday like bring in a little snack or a gift and like you can sing Happy Birthday to them. It can go a really, really long way towards this kind of fostering a good class environment. 

The next one is to use a variety of activities and games. So nobody really likes doing the same thing over and over and over and over again in a language class.

However, the next tip is all about routine. I know I just said to use a ton of activities and that's true, but you should also have some sort of routine. People also don't like when it's very random and then when they come into class, they have no idea what to expect. Have routines for things like how to take attendance, how to collect papers,  and how to clean up for the day. 

The next tip is to use ICQs. ICQs are instruction-checking questions. These are very simple questions that you would ask students after you've given instructions. For example, how many students are on your team? Four. Check to make sure the students have understood what you've told them before you turn them loose to go do their activity or game or whatever they're doing. 

The next one is CCQs. These are concept-checking questions. I would say, for example, I didn't ate? And students would say, no I didn't eat. That kind of thing. You're just checking what you taught them just to make sure they've 100% understood. 

The last one is positive reinforcement. You know in every class, there's the class clown. I choose things to call out that are not negative. For example, you worked so well as a team. Great job. Or, you did a really nice job on that assignment or worksheet. Focus on the positive.

Those are my top 10 tips for new ESL teachers.

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0:15 Names
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1:19 Set some goals
1:44 Lesson plans
2:09 All about relationships
2:34 Variety of activities
2:54 Routines
3:28 ICQs
3:59 CCQs
4:17 Positive reinforcement 
5:14 Conclusion 

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