IELTS Speaking: Top 5 Tips you Need to Know to Improve your Score


How to Improve your IELTS Speaking Test Score As the IELTS exam has become increasingly important internationally, there’s more and more information available on the Internet about the exam. It’s important to consider this information critically, and to consider the source of the information. Many people have their own opinions…

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TOEIC Speaking Mini-Tests | TOEIC Speaking Tests

sample toiec speaking test

Here are some TOEIC speaking style tests that I’ve used in my own speaking exam preparation classes. You can use them in order to do a pre and post evaluation of your students. They can also be used as very simple level tests for your speaking or conversation classes, if…

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Top 10 ESL Speaking Activities for False Beginners


Top 10 ESL Speaking Activities for False Beginners I taught English in South Korea for almost a decade and most of that time was spent teaching false beginners. False beginners are students who’ve studied English at some point in the past but had to stop for whatever reason. Or more…

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English Listening Tips for ESL/EFL Learners

English listening

How to Improve English Listening Skills If you’re looking to improve your English listening skills, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to share three of our top tips with you today. You’ll also get a link to a resource with even more tips for how to practice English…

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Preventing Partner Fossilization in ESL Speaking Classes


In the ESL/EFL world, fossilization is what happens when an error that a language learner makes becomes permanent, and cannot be fixed, no matter what further forms of input or error correction that learner is exposed to. I use this term to apply to ESL Speaking classes and what happens…

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The Name Game: Ice breaker Speaking Activity


Do you want to help your students remember each other’s names (and you too)? Here’s a simple activity for learning names. It’s challenging, a little bit competitive and quite effective at breaking the ice too! How to Do the Name Game Skills: Speaking/ Listening Time: 10-15 minutes Level: Beginner-Advanced Materials…

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Can Can’t ESL Game | ESL Grammar Activity


Are you looking for a quick game when you’re teaching can/can’t. Then keep on reading to find out more about this fun one! Can Can’t ESL Game This can can’t ESL game is great for practicing speaking, listening and writing. It’s a game for children or adults, but the content…

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The Memory Circle Game | ESL Speaking for Kids


Are you looking for a fun ESL game to help students remember names, new grammar or vocabulary? Yes? Thought so! Then you’re certainly in the right place. Keep on reading for more details about memory circle, an ESL activity that kids love, but you can also use it with teens…

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Guessing Game ESL Warm-Up Activity


I always like to begin my classes with a warm-up activity. After all, you don’t really know where your students have been, what their frame of mind is, or whether or not they have spoken a single word of English since your last class I find that easing into it…

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71 Ways to Practice English Writing | Tips for Students


English Writing Skills not so Good? What would it mean to your studies or career to be able to write quickly and accurately in English? Imagine being able to write an email in English easily and quickly? Or, no longer struggle for days when writing an English essay. Or, starting…

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Tell a Story, ESL style | ESL Speaking Adults


It seems like every ESL textbook has a unit where students have to tell a story. It’s usually in the unit on past tense.  It’s usually kind of a throwaway activity. However, it doesn’t have to be. Keep on reading for everything you need to know about making this activity…

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English Speaking Tip | Learn How to Open a Conversation


If you want to improve your English speaking skills, you’ve come to the right place! I’m going to give you one a favourite English speaking tip. This one is about how to open a conversation in English. Opening or beginning a conversation is pretty similar whether it is small talk…

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Vocabulary Auction | Fun Game for ESL Students


Are you looking for a fun way to help students learn new English vocabulary? Then you’re certainly in the right place. This vocabulary auction game does require some preparation but your students will love playing it. Best of all? They’ll be remembering English words without even realizing it. Vocabulary Auction:…

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ESL Activities for Listening and Speaking | ESL Games


Do you want to help your students get more practice with listening and speaking English in your classes? Yeah? Thought so. Then you’ll need to keep reading for the top activities to help them do that! Top 10 ESL Activities for Listening and Speaking If you’re looking for some ESL…

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Top 10 ESL Review Activities and Games | ESL Review Games


If you’re looking for some ESL or EFL review activities and games, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading! ESL Review Activities If you’re looking to make sure your students understood what you taught them in a previous lesson, consider using one of these top 10 ESL review…

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ESL Speaking and Listening: Agony Aunt | ESL Activity


ESL Speaking and Listening Activity: Agony Aunt Skills: Listening/Speaking/Reading Time: 15-20 minutes Level: High-beginner to Advanced Materials: Printed advice column questions and answers Agony Aunt if one of my favourite ESL speaking and listening activities. It will get your students talking because everyone knows how to solve other people’s problems! If…

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