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Profs Abroad

Profs Abroad

If you’re looking for a university job teaching English somewhere in the world, then the site you can’t really afford not to join is Profs Abroad. It’s pure gold because it compiles jobs from tons of other sites into a single, easy to search one.

It can save you quite literally a hundred hours when you’re searching for a university job teaching ESL.

Now, the best news for you! I’m giving away 3 free memberships, but the contest ends on August 13th so be sure to sign-up now. ┬áBali-Bali, as the Koreans would say.

Click this link to enter the Profs Abroad Giveaway

Now, the next best thing. Once you sign-up, share your lucky link with friends and if one of them enters the contest because of it, you’ll get 5 more entries into the contest. How could you not win if you got even 3 or 4 friends to sign-up? It’d be pretty difficult I’d imagine.

Ready? Go! Sign-up now.

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