501 Riddles and Trivia Questions: For Kids (7-13)

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Trivia Questions and Riddles for Kids

501 Riddles and Trivia Questions: For Teachers of Kids (7-13) is the book that belongs in every busy teacher’s personal library. There are a variety of categories (countries around the world, sports, people, food, pop-culture, etc.) and three different levels (easy, medium, difficult) so you’re sure to find something that will work for your class. Unlike most of the trivia that you can find out there on the Internet, it’s general enough that it will work for students in just about any country.

Use these trivia and riddles for:

  • Warm-Up. Use a few at the beginning of class to get student’s brains activated.
  • Time-Filler. No more hangman! Use these trivia questions if you happen to finish your lesson a few minutes early.
  • Game Days. A group trivia challenge will work well.
  • Early Finisher Tasks. You know that one kid who always finishes everything really quickly? Have a stack of these trivia questions ready!
  • Internet Research. Perfect for teaching students how to find information on the Internet.

The best part about this book is that it comes with links to downloadable PDF worksheets, in both color and black and white. It’s lesson planning made easy. Really, really easy. Just print them off and go. Keep a stack in the back of your folder in case of emergency. You never know when they’ll come in handy.

Get your Copy of Riddles and Trivia Questions Today

Pick up your copy of 501 Riddles and Trivia Questions: For Teachers of Kids (7-13) today and inject a little more fun in your classes tomorrow! Just say no to another round of boring hangman! Your students will be far happier with these challenging riddles and trivia questions.

You can get the book on Amazon in both print and digital formats. The digital format is downloadable onto any device by getting the free Kindle reading app.

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