Shootout Game at the ESL Corral | ESL Speaking Game Kids

Skills: Listening/ Speaking
Time: 10-20 minutes
Level: Beginner
Materials Required: Nothing

How the Shootout Game Works

This is an ESL listening and speaking game for kids that works for classes from 10-30. Divide the class into groups of two. You can do this on 2 sides of the class, at their desks standing up or get the students to make a line at the front of the class.

The first 2 students play rock/scissor/paper. The loser has to answer a question about what you’ve been studying within 5 seconds. If correct, they go to the back of their line, or remain standing. If not, they sit down and the game is over for them. After that happens, you go onto the next pair who do rock, scissor, paper and then you can ask the same question if the previous person was incorrect, or a new one if they were correct.

Continue on with the activity until only one pair remains and then you have your final showdown. I usually do a best of 3 or 5.

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