5 Lesson Plans for Advanced ESL Conversation Classes


An advanced ESL conversation class can be a bit tricky to teach because it’s sometimes hard to see any improvement in your students. But, I’ve found that it can be really useful if you use authentic material and challenge your students that way instead of just relying on ESL textbooks, which are often too easy and often quite boring. Here are five lesson plans that I’ve used in my own advanced level English conversation classes: Lesson Plans for Students in any Country Technology and Sleep This is a good one for the cellphone zombies in your class. Wake them up…

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ESL Conversation Class: Tips to Make it Awesome

ESL conversation class

ESL Conversation Class: Great, or Terrible? Over my decade teaching English in South Korea, I’ve had some great English conversation classes and I’ve also had some pretty terrible ones. Here are some tips for teaching these kinds of classes from my other blog, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University that will hopefully make them as awesome as possible. Multi-Level ESL Classes– These kinds of classes are most definitely not awesome, especially in a conversation class because the best students can easily dominate, leaving the weaker ones feeling frustrated and unhappy. Some tips to deal with this bad situation. How…

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ESL Speaking Activities for Adults | ESL Speaking Games

esl speaking activities adults

My new book about ESL speaking activities for adults is up on Amazon: 39 No-Prep/Low-Prep ESL Speaking Activities: For Teenagers and Adults. The electronic version is only $2.99 or you can get it for free if you’re in the Kindle Unlimited program. You can get the Ebook version with any Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone-just download the Kindle App. It’s way easier than you think it is and even the non-techie can do it! And in other news, I started a new website related you might be interested in if you teach at the university level. My Life! Teaching in…

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