Level Up your Teaching Game: A Resource for Busy Teachers

resources for busy English Teachers

Usually Not My Style… I’m really, really not one to use a lot of other people’s stuff in my classes. I usually just combine the best from the textbook that I’m given and then make the rest of my own materials-surveys, board games, presentation projects, or lesson plans. I usually think that making my own activity or game is way better than searching around for hours on the Internet trying to find something that I can actually use. But, the one thing that I do use in each and every single one of my university classes here in South Korea is The…

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I’m Giving Away 3 Hits of Awesome: The Monster Pack Giveaway

The Monster Pack-Resources for busy English teachers

Good news for you, readers of ESL Speaking. You’ve just seen this in the nick of time. In less than a week, I’ll be giving away 3 hits of awesome. By “hits of awesome,” I mean The Monster Pack: Resources for Busy English Teachers, of course. Now, I’m all about teaching what I want to teach because I’m super-weary of the same old overdone topics in the ESL textbooks and prefer talking about stuff that is personally interesting to me and hopefully more relevant for the students. But, that’s a topic for another day. What I’m saying is that I…

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