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We’re going to take a little trip down memory lane with this blog post. I’ve looked back in time and found the 10 most popular blog posts here at ESL Speaking. Find out what other people have found most helpful!

#1: Small Talk ESL Activity

This small talk ESL activity is the most popular blog post here at ESL Speaking! Small talk is one of those extremely important skills for our students to learn. But for some reason, it’s also something that is rarely practicing in the ESL classroom. My goal is to change that! I came up with this fun, engaging, and interesting way to help my ESL/EFL students practice small talk.

Check out this ESL activity here:

Small Talk ESL Activity

#2: Presentation Project-Some Ideas

Presentations for ESL Students

Presentation ideas for ESL students

I love to do presentations with my students. I think they’re a useful life-skill, and can give our students something solid to take with them away from my class. Plus, they really do help students with their English writing, speaking and listening! If you need a few ideas for presentation projects, then you’ll need to check out this blog post.

Find it here:

Some Ideas for Presentation Projects

#3: 6 ESL Survey Ideas 

I love ESL surveys. And I don’t use the word “love” lightly! I use them in all my speaking and conversation classes at least once a month. They’re so great because they hit all four skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), get students moving around the class talking to their classmates, and they also get students practicing an oft-neglected skill, follow-up questions. I

n short, ESL surveys are one of the ultimate ESL activities that you should be using all the time!

More details here:

6 ESL Survey Ideas your Students Will Love

#4: Running Dictation

Running Dictation ESL GameRunning Dictation is another one of those ultimate ESL activities. Similar to ESL surveys, running dictation hits all four skills in a fun, engaging way. It also gets the students up and out of their seats, having fun while learning English. You can use this activity with any level of students, as long as they can read and write.

Check out all the details here:

Running Dictation: A Classic ESL Game

#5: 81 Ways to Make your ESL Speaking Class Awesome

If you teach ESL speaking and need a bit more awesome in your classes, then you’ll need to check out this post. There are a ton of tips to help you make your classes more engaging, and helpful to your students!

Get some more awesome in your life here:

81 Ways to Make your ESL Speaking Class Awesome

#6: Conversation Starters for Adults

ESL conversation activitiesI like to use ESL conversation starters at the beginning of some of my speaking classes. They work best with intermediate to advanced students. But, you can use some very simple ones for beginners, and also make sure you give them a very short amount of time to discuss the question with a partner.

Although there are thousands of potential questions that you could have your students discuss, I’ve listed 10 of my favourites. These ones work for almost all teenagers or adults in just about any country around the world.

See them here:

Top 10 ESL Conversation Starters for Adults

#7: ESL Textbooks for Adults

In this blog post, I share my favourite ESL textbooks for adults, with a focus on the 4-skills ones. I give a brief summary and then talk about why I like each textbook so much. If you get to choose the textbook for your teenage or adult speaking, conversation or general English classes, then you’ll find this blog post very useful!

Find out the details here:

Top 10 ESL Textbooks for Adults

#8: How to Teach English Conversation

This blog post is a round-up kind of one. I have links to tons of resources around the web from ESL games and activities to lesson planning. If you’re just getting started with teaching English conversation, then you’ll definitely find this post about how to teach English conversation very useful!

Check it out here:

How to Teach English Conversation

#9: Top 5 ESL Activities for Beginners

It can sometimes be challenging to come up with ESL activities for beginners, particularly if they’re adults. While the activity or game you do has to be really simple, you can’t treat adults like babies (of course!). This is what makes it a bit more difficult than teaching higher level adults, or total beginner children. In this blog post, I have my Top 5 ESL activities that you can use with students who are total beginners.

More details here:

Top 5 ESL Activities for Beginners

#10: Top 10 ESL Icebreakers

Rounding out the list of Top 10 Blog Posts on ESL Speaking is one about ESL icebreakers. I like to use a few icebreakers at the beginning of each semester because they help the students get to know you, as well as each other. By using these icebreakers at the beginning, the rest of the classes seem to go better, particularly in a place like South Korea where students can be kind of shy in a classroom environment.

Check them out in this blog post:

Top 10 ESL Icebreakers

101 ESL Activities For Teenagers and Adults

101 ESL Activities: For Teenagers and Adults
List Price: $16.99
Price: $16.99
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That concludes our list of the Top 10 Blog Posts on ESL Speaking. I’m sure that you’ll have found something useful for your specific teaching situation. If you’re on this website looking for ESL games and activities for teenagers or adults, the resource I recommend is this book over on Amazon,¬†101 ESL Activities: For Teenagers and Adults.

It’ll help make your lesson planning easy, guaranteed. There are ESL activities that you can use with just about any topic or grammar point. While a few of them are specific to a certain skill, most of them are very general and can be adapted to just about anything! Stop searching around on the Internet for hours looking for that fun, new activity you can use in class. Instead, just grab this book off your shelf, flip it open and find something awesome.

You can easily get the book on Amazon today:

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