Top 10 ESL Games

Top 10 ESL Games

You need some ESL teaching awesome in your life, right? Fun, engaging classes filled with happy students? Painless lesson planning that gets done in no time? Of course you do! Jackie is here to help you with these top 10 ESL games to try out in your own classes.

Password: This is a fun ESL activity that gets your students practicing an important skill-using alternatives to describe a vocabulary word if it’s not available to them because they forgot it. It’s an often overlooked skill that is important for our students to use if they want to speak English fluently.

Find Someone Who Bingo: This Bingo game is one of the best icebreaker activities I’ve ever used. Try it out in your classes and experience the awesome.

The Personality Game: You all know and love that unit, right? Me too. Joking. It’s dead to me. Except you can make it fun again with this awesome personality game PPT.

Odd One Out: A perfect ESL game for a quick warm-up in your classes. You can review some vocabulary from the previous class in a jiffy.

Dictogloss: Let’s be real, dictogloss is one of the most useful things you can do in your ESL classes. It’s kind of more an activity than a game, but I didn’t think you’d mind because it’s so awesome.

Hot Potato: An ESL game for kids that will have them bursting with excitement and happiness! You like to keep ’em on the edge of their seats, right?

S-O-S: You can play SOS with your ESL students too! It makes an excellent review game and you can use it with just about any grammar or vocab.

Running Dictation: This will get your students up and out of their seats, moving around and practicing speaking, listening, reading and writing. It’s actually the ultimate ESL game and you’d be crazy to not try it out in your classes!

Charades: It’s always a favourite in my classes, so try it out for yourself!

Vocabulary Review Game: This ESL game can add a bit of excitement to your classes and review some vocab at the same time. Try it out for yourself and I’m sure your students will love it.

Top 10 ESL games: try ’em out now and you won’t be disappointed. 


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