Top 5 Fun ESL Speaking Activities For Kids | ESL Games

If you teach kids and are struggling a bit with how to make your ESL speaking classes for kids interesting and engaging, here are some of my favorite fun activities that I use in my own classes.

Rocks-Scissors-Paper with a Twist: it’s perfect for review and also makes an excellent activity for the class before midterms or finals with your beginner university students. It contains the perfect mix of skill and luck.

SOS Review Game: remember playing SOS when you were a kid? Well, it’s back…ESL style. Kids, university students and adults all love it. I explain how to adapt it for your speaking classes.

Draw a Picture, the fun way: if you’re looking for some pure entertainment value, then this is the activity for you! Draw a person, a monster, or just about anything.

ESL Board Games: I love me a good board games, and our students do as well. It’s much easier than you think to make your own; I explain how to do it here.

Shootout at the ESL Corral: this is an excellent game that brings out people’s competitive spirits and has a nice mix of luck and skill to it. It’s a perfect way to do review.

Check out these fun ESL speaking activities for kids (and adults too!).

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