120-90-60 ESL Speaking Fluency Activity

fluent speaking

Fluency Speaking Activity

If you want to help your students speak more quickly and fluently, this is the perfect ESL speaking fluency activity for you. Give your students a topic that they know a lot about. For example: good or bad points about their school, university, or hometown. I often give 1/2 the students one topic and the other 1/2 another just to make it a bit more interesting to listen to. Give your students 1-5 minutes to prepare, depending on their level. But, emphasize that they should just write one-two words for each point, and not full sentences because it is actually a speaking activity and not a writing one.

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Then, with a partner, the first student has to give their speech and talk continuously for 2 minutes, while their partner listens. I use an online stopwatch that the students can see the clock countdown via projector. Then, I give the students another 2 more minutes and they switch roles.

After that, the students have to find a new partner and the activity repeats, except they have to include ALL the same information as before, just in 90 seconds. Then, switch again, and 60 more seconds. For lower level students, you can adjust the times to make them shorter.

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