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If you’re looking to teach English in another country, or even in your own, it can be very useful to have a TEFL certificate. Boost your resume, and also learn how to teach, for when you do get that job.

With Let’s TEFL, you can get your certificate in 2-4 weeks. It’s completely online and offers a ton of other benefits like free certificate shipping, LIFETIME job placement assistance, as well as worldwide accreditation.

There’s personal support throughout the course, and they are also stellar at the job placement thing. On Go Abroad, the course has an 8.75/10 rating, and on Go Overseas, it has an impressive 94%.


You can get it now for a very affordable $199, instead of the usual $499. Sign up for your course today and get your ESL teaching career started off on the right foot.

“The course was very informative, and was split into easy-to-digest sections with quizzes at the end. Each module covered a specific topic and was easy to understand. It’s all very logical and has clearly been well-planned.”

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Customer Review for Let’s TEFL

“The program is done entirely online and can be completed quite quickly if you are prepared to devote the time. Here are some of the things I liked about it:

  • Quizzes at the end of each section help make sure you’re on track
  • Test at the end of the course is comprehensive but fair
  • The assignment to complete a lesson plan along with submission of materials supporting the lesson plan is a good way to gauge what you’ve learned and how you are able to apply your knowledge in a realistic setting.

This is a great way to learn accepted techniques of teaching English as a foreign language and obtain your certification so you can get started with your overseas teaching adventure!”

6 Reasons to Consider Let’s TEFL

There are plenty of TEFL courses online out there, and they certainly vary in quality from course to course. Why should you choose Let’s TEFL? Let’s find out!

#1: Convenient Online Study

The course and all of its assignments can be completed online at home, at your own pace. If you’re already studying or juggling another job, you’ll be able to squeeze in study time.

If you haven’t take a class in years and are feeling a bit nervous about it, don’t be. You really can complete this course at your own pace, in your spare time.

Most people are able to complete this online TEFL course in about a month after work or on weekends.

#2: Recognized Worldwide

No matter where you’re heading in the world, you’ll be able to use their certificate thanks to course accreditation from WTEFLAC (the World TEFL Accrediting Commission). This is often the website that employers check to see if your course meets a certain standards.

#3: Free Certificate Shipping Anywhere in the World

After completing the course you’ll be issued a digital certificate and the hard copy will be mailed with recorded delivery to any address around the world – even if you’re already teaching in another country.

Some online TESL courses have this as a hidden cost—you finish the course and then discover that you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to actually get your certificate. Not with Let’s TEFL.

Sounds like the right fit for you? You can learn more about this online TEFL course here:


#4: Support from Real People

You’ll get tutor support both during your course and afterwards – for life! Let’s TEFL’s live chat tutors all have at least 3 years of overseas teaching experience, so they can help to answer your course questions, and give advice for making to move overseas.

In the reviews on Go Abroad, and Go Overseas, almost every single person mentioned the helpful tutors as a huge reason to consider this course over the other ones. You can get help via chat, email or telephone.

#5: Guide to Online Teaching

Let’s TEFL’s course also include a video guide for teaching English online. As a digital nomad, teaching online can be a great way to earn money while on the move.

It’s also ideal if you plan to keep teaching when you return to your home country after teaching abroad. Get started abroad, and you’ll have a job for yourself when you go back home.

In their guide you’ll learn how to teach, pass demo classes, use props, and how to set up your environment for teaching online classes. Interesting, engaging classes are the key to retaining students, and Let’s TEFL will help you do just that.

#6: Job Placement Support

One of the things that’s sets this TESOL course apart from the others is the job placement advice and support. They even go so far as guaranteeing a placement overseas for their courses, which is far more than most courses offer.

“Myself and two friends took the course with the aim of going to China next. We finished the course this past week and received our certificates. They’ve also introduced us to several schools in China to find one that’s the right fit for us. We talked with a public school, a kindergarten, and two private schools, but ended up going with one of the private ones. Thanks so much Let’s TEFL.”

Enrol Today and Get your Discount

This online TEFL course is currently being offered for a substantial discount, and for $199, you get a ton of value. Sign up for the course today:


What Does the Course Cover?

  • An introduction to the TEFL industry
  • Information about teaching online
  • Parts of speech, sentences and tenses
  • How to teach vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Classroom management
  • Motivating students
  • Testing students
  • Lesson planning
  • How to teach kids, teenagers and adults

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