6 ESL Survey Ideas your Students Will Love


ESL Surveys and Why I Love Them

Surveys are one of my favourite ESL activities. They are very student-centred and also get students practicing both questions and answers. In a traditional teacher-centred classroom, students often don’t get much of a chance to practice asking questions because the teacher does the asking and students do the answering. ESL surveys also encourage active listening-follow up questions require students to listen carefully to their partners’ answers. Another great thing about ESL surveys is that they get students up and out of their seats. They have to mingle and try to talk to at least 10-15 of their classmates, depending on the length of your survey. Finally, I love ESL surveys because they are a 4-skills activity. Students have to read the questions, ask the questions, answer the questions and finally take a few notes about the answers. Reading, writing, listening and speaking are all covered in this ESL activity.

ESL Survey Questions

If you’re looking for ESL survey questions, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 6 ESL speaking surveys that I’ve used in my own classes over the years. I designed them to be used for students in South Korea universities. However, these ESL survey questions could be used by most teachers around the world with just a little bit of modifications. Kids and teenagers love surveys as well, but you’ll have to set up the guidelines pretty carefully. For example, mention that students are to only speak 1-1 with a partner and not in a big group and and that the goal is to have interesting conversations, not finish the activity as quickly as possible. Enjoy these interesting, engaging ESL survey questions!

Healthy Eating Survey

Have You Ever Survey

Introduction Survey

Around the House Survey

Celebration Survey

Dependent Clause Survey

More ESL Teaching Ideas

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