Top 10 Discussion Starters for Children

If you’re looking for discussion starters for adults:

Conversation Starters for Adults

But, if you want some conversation starters for children, you’re in the right place. Here are my top 10:

Favorite Things

Have students fill in the blank with, “What’s your favorite _____?” Collect the papers, choose the best two or three and have then answer the questions.

Birthday Party

What would your perfect birthday party be?

Favorite and Least Favorite Meals

Something your parents cook that you love.

Something your parents cook that you hate.

In your Bedroom

How is your bedroom decorated? Why did you choose each thing?

Ideal Vacation

What is the best vacation you can think of?

After School

What do you do after school usually? Is this what you want to do?

Super Power

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?


If you found $100 on the street, what would you do with it?

Favorite Thing and Person

What is your favorite thing?

Who is your favorite person?


Do you ever feel angry?

Do you ever feel lonely?

When do you feel happy?

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