The “Expert” ESL Speaking Activity

expert activity

The Expert Speaking Activity

This is a fun English as a Second language conversation activity for intermediate or advanced level students. Have the students write down 5 things that they are an expert in. I do my own list first by way of example. I’m an expert in:

  1. Scuba Diving

  2. Budget travel

  3. Canada

  4. Reality TV

  5. Gardening

Once the students have written their lists, get them to circle the 3 that they think will be most interesting to the other students in the class. Next, divide them up into pairs and give them 5 or 6 minutes to ask some questions to their partner about things they are experts in. Encourage your students to actually listen to what their partner is saying instead of just thinking about what to say next and also to ask interesting, thoughtful follow-up questions.

I like this activity because I think people tend to forget they are actually talking English, if they’re talking about stuff they’re passionate about. And it’s also interesting because you can keep changing partners every few minutes.

However, the best part about the activity is that students are able to have an in-depth conversation with someone so if they don’t have a friend in the class, they won’t feel so alone.

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