ESL Board Games

Skills: Reading/Speaking
Time: 25 minutes
Level: Beginner-Advanced
Materials Required: Board Game Sheet/marker for each student (a coin or an eraser)

Board Games often come in the “teacher’s resource book,” but it’s even better if you make your own. Use questions based on the grammar/vocab that you’ve been studying during the previous classes. Have some fun squares, such as “switch positions with the person on your right,” “go back 3,” or “take a vacation!” The style I usually use is a question of some kind where each students has to give one or two sentences in response to it. The other students in the group listen for incorrect answers, in which case the student has to move backwards.

For even more ideas for your ESL classroom, check out one of my favorite resources: Speaking Activities That Don’t Suck: Foolproof Ways to Force Your EFL Students to Produce Enormous Amounts of English.

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