Toilet Paper Icebreaker Speaking Activity

Skills: Speaking/Listening
Time: 5-60 minutes
Level: Beginner-Advanced
Materials Required: Toilet Paper

This toilet paper ice breaker speaking activity is the perfect way to start your first class off with a bit of fun, but also help your students get to know each other. Bring in a roll of toilet paper, and depending on the size of your class, tell the students they can take a certain number of pieces (big classes 1-4, small classes 4-8). Don’t give them any other information except for that. Once everyone has their paper, tell them that they have to tell the class one thing about themselves for each square of paper that they have. For each sentence, they “throw-away” one square until they’re done.

If you have a huge class and want to get your students talking even more, you could set a higher minimum (maybe 5 or 6) and then put the students into groups of 4 while they do their introduction.

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