Flashcard Sentences | ESL Speaking Game for Kids

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This Flashcard Sentence activity is a very simple ESL Speaking Game for Kids. It’s a nice one to have in your book of tricks for those last minute classes where you have no time to plan.

Or, bring a deck of flashcards with you to class (most ESL Textbooks for Kids have corresponding ones for each unit) and do this activity if you have a few minutes to kill at the end of a class. It’s better than wasting your time with Hangman!


Flashcard ESL Speaking Game for Kids

Flashcard Sentences ESL Speaking Game for Kids

Skills: Speaking
Time: 5-10 Minutes
Level: Beginner-Intermediate Kids
Materials Required: Flashcards

This flashcard ESL speaking activity for kids is the perfect way to review whatever grammar and vocab points you’ve been studying. I usually do it at the end of class in the last few minutes.

Or, you could begin a class with it, reviewing material from the previous lesson. It’s a nice warm-up activity.

Go around the room, giving each students, or team of two a chance. Here’s how it works.

Pull a flashcard from your pile and then the student has to make a sentence using the grammar point specified with that card.

For example. The flashcard you pull out has a picture of a pizza on it, and the grammar point you specified is the simple past.

The student might say, “I ate pizza last night for dinner.”

A correct sentence gets the card which means 1 point. If it’s not correct, the card goes back at the bottom of the pile. The winner is the person or the team with the most points by the time the pile is done.

This ESL speaking game is fun for about a maximum of three rounds, depending on class size so think 5-10 minutes as opposed to 15 or 20.

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