Teaching English to Children: Have a routine to start your class

Teaching Young Children: Have a routine

Teaching English to Young Children: It’s All About Routine

When you’re teaching English to children, especially young ones, it can be really useful to have a routine to get your class started. They know what to expect so they can feel comfortable and secure and you have a few minutes of your class that you don’t have to put thought and energy into planning in a detailed kind of way. Sure, it’s a bit boring to start every class off in the same way but for young children (and older ones too?!), it’s all about repetition and review, so power through the boredom!

My favorite routine is to have students sit in a circle and then we begin with a few questions. I’m all about the calm, so it’s ideal for me!

Some Questions to Start Your Class off With

Hello, how are you today? (allow any answer besides, “I’m fine, thank you and you?”)

What day of the week is it today?

What day was it yesterday?

What day is it tomorrow?

What month is it?

What time is it now?

How did you get to school?

How’s the weather today?

What did you eat for breakfast?

How many _____? (hold up some fingers or objects)

What’s your favorite _____?

Review questions from the previous class.

A yes/no question of the day. Do you like _____?

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