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The memory circle game for ESL students

Memory Circle Game for Kids

Memory circle game is a fun way to help students remember names, or English vocabulary. It is a game that I often use with smaller (less than 10 students) and younger students (elementary school or kindergarten). However,  I’ve also used it with university students in South Korea when learning new vocabulary words with good results.

Here’s How to Do It: 

To set up the memory circle game, you need to make a rule about what kind of words or grammar that the students can use. Base it on whatever you are studying that day in class.

For example: animals or past tense.

You’ll need to adjust the rules and criteria according to the level and age of your students. You want to make it challenging, but not impossible. A reasonable goal is that everyone can have a chance to play at least once in a round. But then people will start to drop off after that.

I’ll use past tense for my example.

Everyone will stand up, in a circle, and I will start the game off, “I ate pizza last night.” The next student says, “She ate pizza last night, and I studied yesterday.”

The next student, “She ate pizza last night, he studied yesterday and I watched TV.” And so on it goes, around the circle.

If someone misses and gets it incorrect, they have to sit down and the game is over. I usually let it go until there are 2 or 3 people left and then I give them a prize of some sort and start over with the same rules, or a new set of criteria

I don’t play until the very end because this can get quite boring for students who dropped out early.

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