Trivia for Kids: ESL Lesson Planning Made Easy!

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ESL trivia questions

Do you want to start your English classes for kids off with some trivia, but are struggling to find a good source for it? Maybe you’re even tempted to make your own.

You don’t need to keep looking. Or, resort to spending a ton of time coming up with your own ESL trivia questions. There is a better way!

Just keep on reading for all the details you need to know about ESL trivia for children, and why you might want to consider this book over the alternatives.

ESL Trivia for Kids

Trivia is one of my favourite ways to begin my classes. It’s a light-hearted way to ease your students into using English and it also is a great way to expand student’s general knowledge as well as vocabulary.

The only problem is that it can be pretty hard to find trivia that is challenging yet has language easy enough for students who don’t speak English as their first language. It’s also difficult to find questions that aren’t centred on either the UK or USA, where trivia nights are very common.

A Resource to Check Out

Trivia for kids is written specifically for students who don’t speak English as their first language, so the challenge is in the actual questions and not complicated vocabulary or grammatical constructions.

If you search the Internet for something like “ESL trivia” you’ll find that the language is too difficult in many of them. The challenge is actually in understanding the question, not in knowing the answer. However, these questions are so simple that even quite low level English learners should be able to understand them quite easily.

501 Riddles and Trivia Questions: For Teachers of Kids (7-13)
1 Reviews
501 Riddles and Trivia Questions: For Teachers of Kids (7-13)
  • Jackie Bolen, Jennifer Booker Smith
  • Kindle Edition
  • English

Trivia for Kids

Kids love trivia! But, it’s so, so difficult to find trivia that is not America-centric or UK-centric. It’s also hard to find trivia that has simple vocabulary.

After wasting so many hours searching around on the Internet, I decided to write the book that I wished I could find! 501 Riddles and Trivia Questions: For Kids (7-13) is going to make your teaching life easier, guaranteed.

Variety of Uses

You can use the book as a stand-alone resource and read the questions out loud to your class. There are also links within the book to handouts that you can just print and go. Keep some of these on hand for a variety of situations: a time-filler, early-finisher activity, or for a class party day.

You may also choose to use this as a simple activity for Internet research. The section on animals, for example could be completed by most students in just a few minutes. And, the subject matter ensures that they likely won’t run across harmful website.

It really is a fun way to add some variety into your classes! Mix things up and keep things fresh and interesting for your students, as well as yourself. It’s not as difficult as you might think to do this.

Wide Variety of Topics: Ideal for ESL Trivia

Whatever the case and your motivation for using ESL trivia, there are a variety of topics ranging from animals, to food, to countries, to people. There are easy, medium and difficult questions, divided into sections of around 7-10 trivia questions or 4-5 riddles.

They are appropriate for ESL or EFL students as well as elementary school students in English-speaking countries like England, Canada, New Zealand or the USA. It really is the ultimate trivia for kids resource and there’s nothing else out there that is so user-friendly.

Save a ton of time and just use this ready-made resource. Is it really that easy? We certainly think so! Does it sound like exactly what you need for your classes? Click the picture or link below to learn more about the book on Amazon:


Buy 501 Riddles and Trivia Questions: For Kids (7-13) on Amazon

Trivia for ESL Students

Need more ESL trivia questions? Check out this useful video below:

Have your Say about these ESL Trivia Questions!

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