ESL Lesson Planning Template

Here is the most basic of ESL lesson planning templates that you could use consisting of some questions you can ask yourself when you’re preparing for your classes. There are plenty of more formal and complicated ones out there, but I’m all about the simple, for just about every single thing in my life.

  1. How will you introduce the target language? A reading? A listening exercise? A story? A worksheet?

  2. What will you write on the board?

  3. What controlled practice activity will you do? What page in your book? Another resource? How will you provide feedback?

  4. What freer practice activity will you do? How will you provide feedback?

  5. What will you do if you have some extra time left at the end of class?

  6. Do you need any supplementary materials?

  7. Follow-up or review in the next class?

In other news, No-Prep/Low-Prep ESL Speaking Activities for Teenagers and Adults should released by the end of May. I’m giving it away for free but only to members of my email list as of the day before it goes live on Amazon.

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