ESL Speaking Activity for Adults: Something in Common

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Find Something in Common-ESL Speaking Activity for Adults

ESL Speaking Activity for Adults: Find Something in Common

If your students are not shy, this ESL speaking activity for adults is an excellent way for everyone to get to know each other. Here’s how you do it:

The students stand up with a piece of paper and pencil in their hand. They have to talk to everyone in the class to try to find something in common (they are both from Seoul, or they both know how to play the piano).

Once they find this thing in common, they write it down along with the person’s name. They keep going until most of the students have talked to everyone.

If you have a very large class, don’t keep going until students have talked to every single person because it can get boring. 10 minutes is about the maximum amount of time you’ll want to do this ESL speaking activity for adults.

Teaching Tips For Find Something in Common:

This is a particularly good activity for a class where many students don’t already know each other. If your students find something in common with another student, they’ll have something to talk about after class, or at break time, and won’t feel so alone in the class, which will make it more enjoyable and memorable.

Tell your students that it is okay to have short conversations about the thing they have in common, the goal of the activity is to try to talk to most of the people in the class so they need to keep moving and talking to new people.

This is an activity that requires nothing in the way of preparation or materials, so keep it in the back of your mind in case of emergency in one of your higher level classes.

Procedure for Finding Something in Common:

  1. Students stand up, with a pencil and paper in their hands.
  2. They talk to another student and try to find something in common by asking some questions.
  3. Once they find something in common, they write that down, along with the person’s name.
  4. Then, they find a new partner and continue.

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