2 Lesson Plans for Advanced ESL Students

2 Lesson plans for advanced ESL students

Here are 2 lesson plans for advanced ESL students that are guaranteed to get your students speaking English and enjoying their conversation or discussion class.

Renewable Energy

The first is a renewable energy ESL lesson plan. It’s perfect for advanced ESL students anywhere in the world that are reasonably knowledgeable about technology. It also contains my PPT that I used for a 3-hour class, although I’ve adapted this lesson for classes ranging from 1.5 to 4 hours.

Youth Unemployment in Korea

The second is a lesson plan for advanced students about Youth Unemployment in Korea. In this case, I used it for a 4-hour “killer” class but have also adapted this lesson for a class as short as 1.5 hours.

Even if you don’t live in Korea, this lesson can give you an idea of how I take a topic and expand it to fill up a significant amount of time, while maintaining a common theme.

Of the two lessons, the reading for the first is slightly easier than the second. But, the second topic is usually the one that students have a few more thoughts about.

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